Dejan Krstic was born in 1994 in Loznica. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Art, Department of Painting in 2017, where he also completed his master's studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Drawing in 2019. So far, he has organized fourteen solo exhibitions and participated in several collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Within his practice, he devotes most of his interest to researching the concept of identity and its diversity. Finding his inspiration in psychology, with a focus on the modalities of gestalt, psycho drama and physical therapy, he explores the field of physical theater through methods and principles of manipula¬ tion of the body with the aim of evoking and sanctifying emotional states in an individual. Often showcasing constalations of states of peace, preasure and solitude.

He usually realizes his works by combining traditional techniques in creating variations of smaller and larger formats of drawings and paintings. Using graphite, charcoal, acrylic, oil paints in a mul¬tilayer coating, he precisely defines the surfaces and details of the motif. Additionally, he also presents his works in combination with contemporary media such as instalations, performances, video and audio presentations. He has worked on several domestic and international projects, of which the selection for participation in the master class of Marina AbramoviC held in Belgrade in 2019 respectively stands out. Since 2020, he has been an active member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV)
In 2021 started working as a high school teacher at Gymnasium “Žarko Zrenjanin”, Vrbas

Curriculum Vitae

Solo exhibitions:

2022 - exhibition "Mysterious" - Edwin-Scharff-Haus Ulm, Germany
2022 - exhibition "Mysterious" - Petrovaradin fortress - catacombs, Novi Sad
2022 - exhibition "Fantasy about Freedom", SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad
2021 - exhibition "Notes" - Art55 Gallery, Niš
2021 - exhibition "Path of Memories" Jelsa Art Biennale JAB, Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia.
2019 - exhibition "Notes" City Gallery, City Cultural Center, Belgrade
2019 - exhibition "Crisis Induction - Portrait" SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad
2019 - exhibition "Notes" Gallery of the Vrbas Cultural Center, Vrbas
2019 - exhibition "Notes" Gallery of the cultural center Sombor, Sombor
2018 - exhibition "Notes" Gallery Shock ZaDruga, Novi Sad
2018 - exhibition "Notes", Sopot Culture Center Gallery, Sopot
2018 - exhibition "Notes", Reflektor Gallery, Užice
2018 - exhibition "Behind the reflection" Exhibition proctor of the cultural center Smederevo, Smederevo
2017 - exhibition "Face to face" as part of the cycle "Young people are coming", Platoneum Gallery, Srpska Branch
Academy of Sciences and Arts, Novi Sad

Group exhibitions:

2021 - "Magic carpets Landed" - Kaunas Biennale, Kaunas, Lithuania
2021 - "Mikser festival - Black Box Selection 2021", Zornić House, Barajevo
2021 - "Youth Biennial" Belgrade, Serbia
2020 - exhibition "27 Exhibition of drawings", Gallery - Cultural Center Šabac, Šabac
2020 - exhibition "15. International Biennale of Miniature Art ", Modern Gallery of the Cultural Center, Gornji Milanovac
2019 - exhibition "Belgrade Art-Week", City Gallery, City Cultural Center, Belgrade
2018 - exhibition "Masters", Vojvodina Archive Museum Gallery, Novi Sad
2018 - exhibition "Palette of Youth", Vrbas Cultural Center Gallery, Vrbas
2018 - exhibition "Young" Niš Art Foundation, gallery space within the Philip Morris tobacco factory, Niš
2017 - exhibition November Salon of Visual Arts, Gallery of the National Museum Kraljevo, Kraljevo
2017 - exhibition "This changes everything", Niš Art Foundation, premises of the former Eurosalon, Belgrade
2017 - exhibition "This changes everything", Niš Art Foundation, gallery space within the Filip tobacco factory Morris, Niš
2017 - Graduation exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts, Rajko Mamuzić Memorial Collection House, Novi Sad
2016 - exhibition "Youth", Niš Art Foundation, Kuća Legata Gallery, Belgrade
2016 - exhibition "Youth", Niš Art Foundation, Serbia Gallery, Niš
2016 - exhibition "Digital Image Space", Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
2015 - group exhibition of works by students of the Academy of Arts, Most Gallery, Novi Sad
2015 - exhibition of photos of second-year students of the Academy of Arts, FKVSV Gallery, Novi Sad
2015 - exhibition "DIFFERENCES" SKCNS Fabrika, Novi Sad

Workshops and projects:

2022 - "Mysterious - Hidden Cultural Places in the Danube Region" - International Danube Festival Ulm/New Ulm, Germany
2021 - "Magic carpet landed" Kaunas Biennale, Kaunas, Lithuania
2019 - Participation in the "Masterclass" workshop held by: Marina Abramović as part of the "Cleaner" exhibition project, Belgrade, Serbia


2021 - Jelsa Art Biennale JAB sponsored by MagiCCarpets project, Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia
2021 - Moon Gallery Residence, Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia