Fantasy about Freedom

Solo show at the Gallery of The Union of Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. 2022

“…In this exhibition, the artist presents to us the changes that occur in an individual through the process of becoming aware of the numerous unconscious mechanisms that each of us uses and enslaves, all with the aim of creating a more conscious, reasonable, and why not, better human being, i.e. a more functional society. All these detected changes in the individual and their understanding are small steps towards achieving personal freedom, which represents one of the greatest values in life that we all strive for, and if we cannot currently achieve it, the fantasy of freedom represents a creative space where an individual can feel freedom from external restraints and begin your individual journey towards it.”
- text by Slavica Žarković
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Mysterious - Hidden Cultural Places in the Danube Region

"Mysterious" - Petrovaradin fortress catacombs, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2022; Edwin-Scharff-Haus Ulm, Germany , 2022

On the initiative of the Cultural Officer for the Danube Region at the DZM Ulm, an international art project is being developed in 2022-24 in which artists and young people from five cities in the Danube Region - including four European Capitals of Culture - work together. The project "Mysterious" deliberately turns to new methods and formats such as co-creation.
During this period, temporary meetings of artists take place in the current European Capitals of Culture of the Danube Region - in Novi Sad (RS), Veszprém (HU), Timişoara (RO) and Bad Ischl (AT). The fifth city in this network is Ulm, which provides a European stage for the results of the project in 2022 and 2024 with the International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm. The first meeting of the artists was held in Novi Sad from 7-14 May 2022.
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Jelsa Art by Biennale

"Memory lane " - Jelsa Art Biennale, Jelsa, Hvar. 2019

"Memory Lane" is an audiovisual installation presented at Jelsa Art Biennale. Exhibition and its concepts are based around abandoned Belgrade children resort on Hvar Island, Croatia. After the escalation of war between Serbs and Croats this building has been abandoned and left to ruin.

"Whispers" - Space habitat residance, JAB. 2021

“Whispers” is an installation that draws inspiration from early childhood experiences and the longing to share wishes and secrets with celestial bodies like the Moon and stars. It encapsulates a desire to confide in something that feels safe and distant, where secrets can be entrusted without fear of judgment or exposure.

Ultimately, these installations creates a space for introspection, catharsis, and the recognition of our shared vulnerabilities. It invites individuals to embrace their inner child's longing for connection and offers a tangible way to engage with the intangible realm of dreams, hopes, and hidden truths.
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